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We’re huge Karen Thomas fans. She’s been such a great supporter of Unlocking Litchfield, that we thought we’d share the love back! Read (or memorize) the tips below and feel free to pass along the link to your office mates/employees/people with no clue…(subtle hints DO work) and visit Karen’s site to learn more about the pretty amazing workshops she offers to all ages! We learned so much from her Dining Debonaire class…

10 Fabulous Etiquette Tips to Survive the Office Holiday Soiree

1) RSVP immediately upon receipt of the invite. If it’s received via phone, then call back; email, reply; via USPS mail, call or respond the day you receive the invite.

2)  Dress to impress. Consider the venue and time of the event and dress appropriately therein. Never too tight, too short, or outrageous, as you are still representing your company. Gentlemen, a festive tie is great, but perhaps skip the one that lights up and plays annoying holiday music!!

3)  Make an entrance. Stand tall, be poised and confident. Never slink in and meander to the bar or food area. Greet higher-ups and friends with polish and professionalism.

4)  Nosh & nibble. Eat before you go, and make it about the event itself (which means mingling and conversing). The food should be secondary on your mind.

5)  Conversations. Never include politics, sex, or religion, and most definitely never office politics. Keep it light and happy.

6)  Learn the left handed carry. Practice carrying your napkin, hors d’oeuvres plate and beverage glass all in the left hand. This allows for greeting others with a firm handshake.

7)  Pace yourself. If it’s a sit down dinner, don’t rush to eat; keep pace with others at the table.

8)  Mingle. Make it a point to introduce yourself to at least 3 new people, or other departments, etc.

9)  Never overindulge in the cocktail hour or beyond. Keep it to a minimum to assure you keep your job the next day!

10)  Plus ones are never appropriate unless indicated on the invitation. If it says spouses are allowed great; if not, they aren’t invited.

Visit Karen Thomas’ fabulous website here.

Photo of Karen by Lora Karam

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