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Did you know that Dental Associates of Connecticut offers the best cosmetics and implant dentistry around? Neither did we!! We visited the brand new Newtown location to tour the dental-spa…sorry, dental facility, to find out more about smile makeovers.

Whether you’re long in the tooth, short in the tooth, crooked, crowded, or gummy…you name it, there’s a treatment or procedure to help get the perfect smile. Solutions can often be non-invasive aesthetic improvements. We had no idea!

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Dental Associates of CT – Newtown

Dental Associates of CT started with a single office in Newtown in 1971 by a few partners. Today, they have 5 owner-operated locations; Danbury, Newtown, Fairfield, New Milford, and Shelton.

Dr. Elsa George (General/Cosmetic Dentist) and Adam Richichi, MBA (Chief Executive Officer)

We had the pleasure of touring the 14,000 square foot facility with Adam Richichi, Chief Executive Officer. Adam has been working in dentist offices ever since his first job, filing charts in a practice on Long Island. Pretty much a dental office visionary, he helped design the Newtown facility, in the well-known Village at Lexington Gardens location. One floor is divided, with orthodontics and pediatrics on one side, and adult dentistry and specialty care on the other. In the middle is a huge reception area, plus kids reality gaming room, complete with arcade games. Don’t worry, it’s all the way over on the pediatrics side 🙂

We don’t think this is just for kids…

What’s the vision at Dental Associates?

Dental Associates has dedicated 40 years to delivering the best care available and our patients expect exemplary customer service. We hope to transform the lives of our patients and can do this in a few ways. By keeping them healthy and free of dental disease, but also by giving them their confidence back. Cosmetic and implant dentistry allows patients to improve their confidence in both form and function.

They have 39 chairs – that’s a lot of teeth being attended to! The rooms are sunny and inviting…if only they could combine a facial with a dental cleaning. Hmmm.

Dentist office or fancy spa?!

Newtown is our flagship location! We’re very proud of the magnificent facility we just completed this past April. From the stone walls, high ceilings, and latest technology, our patients experience the best.

The future of Dentistry is right here in Newtown…

Intraoral scanning is the latest technology in planning treatment digitally. Dental Associates uses data from Intraoral scans, 3D X-rays and more to develop complex treatment plans.

Digital Smile design: Dental Associates uses data and images to formulate custom tailored smile makeovers.
The days of biting into a plaster mold are long gone. Say, Ahhhh, Lora!

It takes a team…a team of dental masters!

Dental Associates has a team of expert clinicians from all specialties to ensure that our patients receive the best result. Our ability to deliver excellence in Cosmetics and Dental Implants is second to none. We have on our team General Dentists, Orthodontists, Oral Surgeons, Periodontists and Pediatric Dentists. Conveniently, our team are all together in one building and can discuss complex cases together.

Whoa. Dr. George knew that I was “European” because I still have my wisdom teeth. I did not know that was a thing!

You offer a ton of smile makeover solutions; Invisalign, whitening, implants, veneers, gum lifts….what’s a gum lift!?

Clinically known as a crown lengthening. The cosmetic application of crown lengthening is for patients who feel they have a “Gummy Smile”. This happens when more of the tooth is covered in gum tissue than what one may find cosmetically appealing. There a few advanced yet minimally invasive procedures done by our board certified Periodontist (Gum Specialist) to enhance your smile by reducing the “Gummyness” and expose more tooth. These procedures can often be done using lasers. This procedure and others are often why patients seek us out for smile makeovers.

Hey Siri, what makes a perfect smile?

We were curious, what is an ideal smile in dental terms? One Google search later and we came up with this.

  • Front teeth are visible, including part of the upper premolars.
  • Teeth are symmetrical.
  • The curve of the upper front teeth is parallel to the bottom lip.
  • No more than 2 millimeters of the gums show above the teeth.

See you soon Dental Associates, we have a little bit of work to do!

Dental Associates – Newtown

32 Church Hill Road, Suite 201, Newtown, CT 06470
Phone: (203) 426-5891

Words: Bev/ Pics: Lora

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