Interview with American Idol Ruben Studdard

We had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with not one, but two American Idols (Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard, and finalist, Kimberley Locke). When Ruben (The Velvet Teddy Bear) was making a tour stop at the Ridgefield Playhouse recently, we hopped on his fancy bus to chat with them both and find out what life is like after Idol!

Ruben is currently on tour performing an evening of Luther Vandross, Always & Forever.

Look how big we’re cheesing getting our pic taken with Ruben!

Before we got down to our interview, we listened as Ruben and Kimberley had a quick catch up (they hadn’t seen each other since the 15 year Idol “Finale” show). We were both avid watchers of their season so it was pretty cool to hear about some of the fun they got up to #BTS and to listen about how they would always be given the best cutting-edge cell phones back in the day. Really, these guys taught American how to text and vote!

Ok, it’s interview time with Ruben Studdard & Kimberley Locke!

So, what have you been up to lately? (Our interview skills are on point!)

I’ve been doing me. which is singing all over the United States. That’s what I love to do.

Check out what Kimberley is up to these days here, and here.

Kimberley, describe Ruben in a few words…

Divo. The guy you want in your corner. A good God fearing dude!

Ruben, describe Kimberley in a few words…

Loud, fun, and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life!

Are you watching the current season of American Idol? And who do you think should win?

Ruben: I watched the last episode. Catie Turner, she’s dope! And Michael Woodard, I think his voice is really unique.

Kimberley: I watched a couple of episodes. Catie’s legitimately talented!

What’s your go-to song, both of you, if you were asked to suddenly belt out a tune?

Ruben: I know what hers is! I don’t really have one.

Kimberley: My go-to song is, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Kimberley, Ruben, and Will

Other than talking to bloggers like us, what do your pre-show rituals usually look like?

I don’t really have any…I just chill. Just recently, I was thinking, as a music education major, I need to be more diligent at warming up. I’m getting older!

Ruben performing some smooth Luther songs at the Ridgefield Playhouse

Do you ever get nervous about performing?

Ruben: No, never. Because it doesn’t matter; what’s going to happen is going to happen. I give what I’ve got.

Kimberley: I’m not there yet.

What do you like to do post-show?

What I’m doing right now, chilling. We’re the most easy-going group of people. We’re old now, we’re not kicking it anymore. I got all of that out in the first 3 tours.

Pics: Lora Karam / Words: Bev Canepari

Ridgefield Playhouse

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  1. Henry Noyes. says:

    What a big and pleasant man. It must have been great talking to him .
    Thanks for posting this. I still see his big smile as I’m writing this.

  2. I can also vouch for Kimberley being the nicest person and the greatest of friends.
    She can sing and belongs in the spot light as well as Ruben, who also has a great talent.
    I wish I’d gotten to see Rubin in person this time around. Thanks for the blog and photos ladies.

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