47 Moments x Bring ‘n Buy x Adam Broderick Salon

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OOTD: Bring ‘n Buy – Ridgefield

Just because we’re not going anywhere but “Club Living Room” this New Year’s Eve, we still believe in new (consignment and new with tags!) clothes to celebrate the occasion!

We masked up and went to Bring ‘n Buy to visit Tina and find an entire look each without breaking the bank. She always has a great selection (updating frequently!) of labels we love, so it was easy!

Photog: 47 Moments Photography

Rachel Henderson is 47 Moments Photography, based in Bethel and “available for portraits in lower Fairfield County, the greater New York City area, and around the world”.

We knew we were going to love her, and we did! We feel like we survived a polar bear plunge with her. It was the coldest day we’d all felt this season. Rachel kept our temperatures up and poses coming with laughs, jumps, and coconut flakes. More on the flakes next week.

A few qs with Rachel!

What’s your specialty/what do you enjoy shooting the most?

I love photographing people! Mainly motherhood, newborns, and families outside or in their homes.

What’s your website/social media screen names?

47moments.com, IG: @47moments, FB: 47 Moments Photography

How did you get into photography?

My passion for the art of photography began with a photo class in high school. I went on to study photography in college developing film and printing black and white photographs in the darkroom. That’s where the name 47 Moments came from. 47 is the atomic number for silver and silver is the original process of black and white photography!

I photographed my first wedding right out of college and quickly realized how much I loved photographing people. The thrill of thinking creatively while being quick on my feet was exciting to me. After 14 years of photographing weddings, I decided I was ready to spend more of my weekends with my family and transitioned to focusing on portraiture. 

You know that many people say they don’t like photos of themselves….any tips on how people can get better pics or selfies?

Great photographs always begin with finding the best light. Natural light is prefered, so find a window with plenty of light coming through. Light falling on a subject at 45º is generally the most flattering, so try to position yourself in a way for the light to fall across your face creating nice highlights and shadows rather than looking directly in it. Hold the camera or phone out and slightly above. If possible, make sure your backdrop is clean and simple, free of clutter or distracting objects.

When you’re not shooting, what can we find you doing?

I love spending time with my three children and husband. Either outside going for a hike, baking, or watching a movie together.


Hair: Adam Broderick Salon & Spa

We visited Adam Broderick Salon & Spa to get our locks looking their best for our shoot! And because they have the most convenient hours of any salon we know, we were able to book an appointment for an early Sunday morning start!

Adam Broderick is a leader in the hair industry and is always ahead of the curve, which we witnessed with how they’re handling Covid protocols. We get a call when it’s time to come in, temps are taken, coats and bags are bagged up, and stations are all plexi-glassed.

Photo by Lora Karam

A huge thank you to Adelina and Kait for giving us a fancy sleek ponytail and loose flowing waves!

Thank you, Adelina and Kait!

Bring ‘n Buy: 590 Danbury Rd, Ridgefield

Adam Broderick Salon & Spa: 89 Danbury Road, Ridgefield

Words: Bev / Photos: 47 Moments, except as noted.

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