Eat the Cookies, Burn the Cookies

We believe in moderation, which is why we came up with Eat the Cookies, Burn the Cookies! If last week’s online workouts felt a bit too much, then you’ll like this week’s post where we visit 5 bakeries to try the best cookies in the state…followed by a ?, ??, or ??? cookie walk nearby!

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Sweet Maria’s

(Waterbury) In business 30 years, Sweet Maria’s specializes in cakes and cookies; American with a touch of Italian. They offer classic flavors of cookies that are similar to what most people would bake in their home.

Best sellers: Pignoli (Italian amaretti with pine nuts), Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies, and Peanut Butter Balls.

Only one cookie for the rest of your life? Our Lemon Frosted Italian Cookie. “Anginetti” are classic and perfect with a coffee any time of the day!

John A. Largay Memorial Preserve

(Middlebury) ? A perfect little loop around Lake Elise.

Taking our blog post very seriously, we tried one of each in the car before our walk. They’re as good as they look and yes, we did that walk very quickly. Thanks, sugar high! Some cool facts about the preserve here.

The Itty-Bitty Cookie Company

(Watertown) Made from scratch in small batches, The Itty-Bitty Cookie Company uses real ingredients, i.e. all butter and sugar. Robin changes her menu each month and makes 10 flavors a day!

Best seller: Chocolate chip.

Only one cookie for the rest of your life? White chocolate macadamia.

Fleisher Preserve Loop

(Watertown) ?? Bring your tripod and timer for pics on the bridge. Oh, and enjoy this lovely 1.1-mile loop through the Watertown Land Trust’s Fleisher Preserve.

PSA: The cookies are normal-sized and, OMG the choc chip cookie, warm-just-out-of-the-oven. Swoon.

Kathy’s Famous Cookies

(Milford) Kathy’s Famous Cookies has been making their crunchy cookies since 2000 when Kathy started her wholesale business. We visited the retail store where people drive many miles to visit!

Best seller: Kathy’s Cookies Mandel Bread.

Only one cookie for the rest of your life?: Incredible Toffee Chocolate Chip.

Long Wharf Nature Preserve

(New Haven) ?? Long Wharf Preserve, just a few miles away, is where we ate those increddddible toffee chocolate chip cookies and yes, incredible deserves those extra ds! Chowing down was followed by an equally crunchy walk through snow to see these stunning views!

Moneta Moments Bakery

(Windsor) Mother and daughter team Diane and Veronica are Moneta Moments Bakery! They make allergen-friendly baked goodies; are 100% peanut and tree nut-free, and specialize in custom order desserts.

Best seller?: Simply Chocolate Chip

Only one cookie for the rest of your life?: Diane: glazed sugar cookie bringing back childhood memories. Veronica: chocolate drop cookie with white chocolate bringing together the best of both worlds in one bite.

Windsor Center River Trail

(Windsor) ? While you’re in Windsor, stop for a stroll around Windsor Center River Trail for a flat and easy loop next to the Farmington River. Good bird watching, too!

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies & Gift Baskets

(Hamden) Another mother-daughter team, Moon Rocks Gourmet is an all-natural bakery producing a distinct cookie with great texture and packed with flavor! They also make amazing gluten-free and vegan cookies.

Best sellers?: Salted Caramel & Cannoli.

Only one cookie for the rest of your life?: Wow, this is hard to answer. It would have to be the maple chocolate chip. This is the cookie my mom created in culinary school 40+ years ago and was the start of the company.

The Quinnipiac River Trail

(Wallingford) ?? We suggest popping a couple of Moon Rocks in your pockets and taking them for a walk on the Quinnipiac River Trail. This linear trail connects three towns, providing continuous pedestrian passage along the Quinnipiac for at least 15 miles. We did about .01 miles and then stopped at the first picnic bench we saw to sit and eat cookies! Yum!

Happy cookie trails! Don’t forget to check with each bakery for pickup/curbside/in-store shopping policies, and hours.

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Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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    Next time in Milford, check out the silver sands boardwalk which connects silver sands and walnut beach!

    1. Oh, that is a great spot! We’ll def visit again next time. 🙂

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