Heirloom @ The Study at Yale

Restaurant: Heirloom at The Study at Yale, New Haven

When you are hankering for: A fantastic meal in Ivy League Yale territory. Fresh, sophisticated, healthy dishes. Plus, plenty of comforting favorites made with local ingredients and an extra something special. It was a freezing cold February day in New Haven, and Heirloom was the smart choice to escape from it all!

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The word of the day when we went to Heirloom, located within The Study at Yale hotel, was most definitely FRESH! They are all about serving up the freshest of local ingredients, both farm and coastal. We enjoyed the fresh flowers, fresh berry smoothies, fresh muffins and croissants, fresh menu, and fresh staff. JK about the staff, they were all super lovely!

Any table that is set with fresh flowers and lemon slices is a winner in our eyes!

How, exactly, are you meant to pick one of these when they all look delish in their own way? Maybe we just had to break off a corner of each to sample and package the rest up for our husbands. Wives of the year right here!

Freshly made signature smoothie – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas.

The menu

The menu, when we went for Saturday brunch (the best meal of the day!) included starters & snacks, an oyster bar (wasted on us I’m afraid), brunch salads, plates, and Benedicts. As you might expect, there’s plenty of V for vegetarian options, gluten-free, and a couple of vegan options. Prices are mostly in the $10 -$18 range.

Here’s what we chowed down on, thanks to the recommendations of our fabulous server Laura, and manager, Val!

Warm local ricotta – with thyme, truffle, & toast. 3 perfect Ts!

The way to our heart right there ↑. Warm, milky, unmistakably-local ricotta cheese…topped with truffle oil and served with warm doughy bread! We scoffed the entire thing. Couldn’t help ourselves. Tried to pace…failed.

Turkey Gumbo – braised Creole turkey breast, red beans & rice, garlicky kale, Andouille sausage, avocado, and a fried egg!!

This was smoky and so full of flavor. Yummy big chunks of slow-cooked turkey, mmmmm.

Chicken cutlet salad – with wild arugula, pears, pecans, and Pecorino. 3 great Ps!
Hot caramel apple doughnuts – cinnamon sugar & vanilla Anglaise. Swoon!

As Lora is more of a dessert aficionado than I, over to Lora on her description of the above (which was friggin delicious). Bear in mind, two delicious fresh cocktails have been consumed. “If you took a county fair donut and put it through private school in Switzerland, rolled it in sugar, and served it with vanilla custard….you would have Heirloom hot caramel apple donuts!” She nailed it.

A show-stopping Bloody Mary! The Libations menu at Heirloom is a good one!!

The vibe…

The Heirloom vibe is stylish, comfortable, upscale, with just a hint of hipster. Grab a packet of Heritage seeds on the way out. We spotted a large family gathering at a circular table, older couples, young friends, everyone! The place was abuzz! Large-scale contemporary artwork fills a couple of walls. The ceilings are high and huge windows overlook Chapel Street. Heirloom has a nice looking bar which had a couple of TVs playing black and white movies above the impressive wall of spirits. And, an entire glass wall wine cellar! A fun atmosphere for sure!

Things to know…

Heirloom caters private events in the Penthouse of The Study at Yale hotel. How about that for your next party? We checked it out for you, take a look at these panoramic views of the Yale campus below…

Before you head back out, hang out for a little bit in the Lounge/Living room area of the hotel, on the same floor as Heirloom. Relax in a cool leather chair, enjoy the art, browse through a book, and pretend for just one moment that you attend Yale.

Bev’s favorite bit: The warm ricotta was outstanding, and I loved the entire cool vibe!

Lora’s favorite bit: The drinks, the caramel doughnuts, the service!

Heirloom- Located in The Study at Yale

1157 Chapel Street, New Haven CT 06511


Words: Bev/Pics: Lora

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