Kathleen L’Hommedieu Art

Art lovers and creative friends, allow us to introduce you to Kathleen L’Hommedieu Art. We’re longtime admirers and enjoy spotting her work in galleries and businesses around the state. If your walls are crying out for fresh art, or if you’re interested in tapping into your creative side…scroll on.

Meet Kathleen L’Hommedieu

Kathleen L’Hommedieu creates many different types of art; landscapes, still life, monoprints. Currently, she paints mostly abstract and contemporary. We’re in love with her ethereal aesthetic which allows the imagination to see what it wants to see!

Spreading the joy of painting

Kathy’s career started 12 years ago after a friend gave her art lessons for Christmas. She credits her teacher, Ira Barkoff, with giving her the skills and inspiration to become the artist she is today. After taking lessons with Ira for a couple of years, she carried on painting on her own and discovering her own unique ways of creating. Now, she passes the joy on to others by offering classes & workshops at her home studio in New Milford.

And that’s where we’ve joined her, to observe her in action, learn her process, and create our own masterpieces!

A blank canvas – no reason to be afraid

What she taught us (and also teaches her students) is to be fearless and unafraid to dive right in. She believes everyone can learn to paint if they can let go of expectations. Her rules in the studio are to #1 have fun, play with color, and enjoy the freedom (and exhilaration!) in putting paint to canvas.

And she shows us how…

  1. Pick a playlist to paint to. Her preference is hip hop & rap, and we’re so down with that.
  2. Just do it!

She never knows what the painting will be when she starts. Her process often includes a couple of sessions and she’ll turn the canvas away from her for a period and then come back to it to finish. Another great tip is that she photographs the painting, believing that a photograph will show her what the work needs.

Our turn!

Our lesson for the day was about light & dark color contrasts, how to hold the palette knife, mixing, and that there’s no right or wrong. Kathleen is a natural teacher.

But first, nourishment, brought to us by Kathleen’s husband George. He must know us.
Concentrating art faces – everyone has one.
Can you guess whose is whose?

Picking out a painting

Kathleen sells to art collectors & dealers, CEOs, surgeons, businesses, and folks like us! Her price range runs the gamut and she wants to make her work accessible to all. We had no idea how to go about choosing a painting, and had no idea the technology existed that allowed us to easily see Kathleen’s art on our walls without having the piece itself!

Send Kathleen your blank wall and she’ll send you back suggestions!

Kathleen is also a yoga instructor and was a competitive rower for 24 years.

Workshops, classes & retreats

Classes are for the experienced to complete beginners. Stay tuned to her Facebook to learn about upcoming painting & yoga retreats in the US and Europe.

Everyone should paint. Painting is freedom, magic, meditative, and joyous!

We couldn’t agree more. She gave us the support we needed to put paint to canvas and it was amazing!! Joy has been sparked and you haven’t seen the last of these artistic talents ?!

Kathleen L’Hommedieu Art

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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