2023 Unlocking CT Wellness Guide 🌱

Our 2023 Unlocking CT Wellness Guide has landed! Up your wellness & self-care game with a service from one of these 11 CT businesses! Nutrition, float therapy, sound healing, skin care, special spas, and so many more. Have a scroll and try something new this spring!

Imagine Float

(Avon) Folks have been known to drive from NYC to spend a day in this healing haven. After our visit, we can see why. Imagine Float offers a peaceful wellness getaway where you can go to rest, reflect, recover, and enjoy services like Float Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, Ballancer Pro, and more!

Strive to improve and maintain your quality of life, not seek to achieve perfection.

Michele Beaule – owner

Crystal Music Healing

(Berlin) Bradford Tilden was one of the first teachers and practitioners of Universal White Time Healing in the country. He now offers tailored sessions combining UWT gemstone healing, sound healing (we got to hear a small sample – MESMERIZED!), and energy healing. Check out the 3 months accelerated healing program (in-person or virtual) – awaken your full potential!

Seek within yourself for your truth, and seek outside yourself if you need assistance in getting there.


Step Bite Step

(Clinton + virtually) We’ve been fans of @wellbalancedwithbrooke‘s sound advice and good nutritional reminders for a while! Her business, Step Bite Step, helps people lose weight without restrictive fad diets. She teaches lasting healthy habits without the elimination of any foods. Support is at your fingertips with the Step Bite Step app; it’s like having a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist (Brooke!) in your pocket.

Achieving better health is about showing up every day, aiming for overall consistency vs. perfection. View setbacks as feedback on your journey, learning what works and what doesn’t. Pivot, adjust & keep going!

Brooke Rosenfeld, MS, RDN, CDN, CPT, PN1

Photos provided by Brooke Rosenfeld

The Spa at Litchfield Hills

(Litchfield) The Spa at Litchfield Hills provides holistic healing through world-class beauty, health, and wellness experiences. This year, they’re featuring their Deep Serene Spa Package which includes everything you’ll need to indulge in a day of deep relaxation – an OSEA Organic Spa Facial, 50-minute Cause+Medic CBD Massage, 25-minute Serene Scalp Massage, and spa pedicure. HEAVEN!

Choose wellness products that you find aesthetically attractive and place them thoughtfully in your space so you’ll be inspired to use them everyday!

– Megan Harpin, Owner

W. Rhythm Fitness and Wellness

(Kent) We love Wanessa’s positive approach to fitness and wellness. If you can get to one of her classes (or book a private session for you and a friend), you’ll be hooked! She empowers her clients to adopt a long-lasting healthy lifestyle infused with positivity, vitality, and JOY! W. Rhythm Fitness and Wellness offers Pilates, barre, yoga, dance fitness, reiki, and massage therapy.

Photos provided by W. Rhythm Fitness

What is good in us is most easily activated by or accessed through movement.

Wanessa anderson, owner

New Morning Market

(Woodbury) Taking better wellness steps in your day-to-day life can sometimes be as simple as replacing products you use daily with something holistic and beneficial for you! Evan Healy is a beautiful organic skincare & makeup line available at New Morning Market. It’s a must-try if you want pure products and natural cosmetics.

Byrde + the b

(Washington) Besides award-winning healthy hair, Byrde + the b offers Ballancer Pro sessions (a contactless lymphatic drainage massage). Take a little time out before your next hair appointment and enjoy a relaxing hour (40 mins in the pants, 20 mins in the top) of compression therapy. The Ballancer Pro helps aid in increasing circulation and body detoxification!

Outdoor shot provided by Byrde + the b

Salt of the Earth Sanctuary

(Woodbury) Salt of the Earth Sanctuary specializes in holistic therapies that restore balance through purified clean air, touch, heat, and energy. This destination for conscious living is the self-care resource center you need to visit!

Take care of your SELF by purchasing the 10-pack package that allows you to mix & match their salt cave, salt bed, chakra tune-up (Crystal Lights), NIR/red light therapy, and BioCharger!

Eyes On Litchfield

(Litchfield) Eyes on Litchfield is a primary eye care & optical boutique you’ll look forward to visiting. And they’re now offering eye spa treatments! Treat your eyes to a non-invasive, medical grade, low light therapy that penetrates the eye glands and helps with dry eye symptoms as well as styes. Plus, relax with a little light therapy for the eyelids.

As the eyes are the windows to your soul, why not make the time to take good care of them!

Dr. Tommasina Sideris, owner

Prima Wellness

(Litchfield) Prima Wellness is a boutique healing space specializing in integrative licensed mental healthcare, encompassing traditional evidence-based psychotherapy combined with Eastern, herbal, and somatic best practices.  

Focus areas are: PTSD & trauma recovery, mood disorders, narcissistic abuse, women’s health + wellness, gut/brain functioning, ayurvedic + botanical medicine, curated special events, and worldwide retreats. Reach out.

When humanity becomes distant from the innate biorhythms of nature…imbalance and disease occur. Reclaiming wellness through practices that nurture our physiology, mind, heart, and spirit is deeply important.

Jessica Ashoka Grant, Founding Director & Licensed Integrative Psychotherapist

Photos by Abby Cole Photography

Forsythia Skin Care Studio

(Woodbury) Lastly, but as important as all of the above – take care of your skin! See a professional, get educated, and enjoy the MOST glorious facial at Forsythia Skin Care Studio. We try to see Kate every quarter and our faces thank us for it…by becoming all glowy! We love the hydra facial and the luxury facial. OMG.

There are 3 things to help you have your best skin. Using the right products for your skin. Facials every 4-6 weeks. And my number one…always (sun or rain, inside or out) wear your spf!

Kate Sobotka, OWNEr

Photos provided by Forsythia Skin Care Studio

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Pics: Lora Karam (unless noted) / Words: Bev Canepari

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