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When sisters and owners of Lakeville Interiors, Courtney Saulnier and Ashley Marchand, invited us to check out their newly expanded decoration and design center, we said, “Be right there!” They have the largest showroom and retail store in Litchfield County, the Berkshires, and Hudson Valley, second only to The Decoration and Design Building in NYC. In the small village of Lakeville?! We had to see! Shopping here we come, and while we’re there, we’ll decorate our hypothetical office with zero budget constraints!

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Lakeville Interiors
Don’t let this little path to this little door fool you!

Sisters who work together…

Build an amazing business together! As college graduates, Courtney and Ashley purchased an existing custom sewing business in a decommissioned factory and founded Lakeville Interiors. Over the following decade, they grew the business to encompass all aspects of the interior design process from concept to installation and maintenance. They are able to support customers with projects from one pillow, to decorating an entire home. With Courtney assisting clients in design and Ashley running the on-site workroom, together they can make any dream a possibility.

Sisters, Courtney Saulnier and Ashley Marchand

Such a huge store in little Lakeville!

Who knew?! We definitely didn’t! We must have said, “OMG”, and, “Wow” a million times as Courtney and Ashley showed us around room upon room of retail space displaying beautiful furniture and home decor – 10,000 sq ft of retail and inspiration to be exact. It’s so much easier to imagine your newly decorated living room/office/whatever, with so many living space examples. Bedrooms, dining rooms, kids rooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, the entire house – they have it all covered.

Instant gratification, customize, or bespoke – how do you roll?!

At Lakeville Interiors, you can buy anything you love straight from the floor. The sisters have impeccable taste so that makes for a lot to love, and want! The assortment is eclectic with a mix of new, antique, and made in-house, ready-to-go-home with you items! If you see a sofa or chair you love but are iffy about the fabric, pick the perfect fabric for you from their vast library of materials. Or, completely change it up and design the entire chair from start to finish. You’ve got the power!

Custom wallpaper from another local business, wallpaper designers Twenty 2.

The design center. So. many. choices!

The full-service interior design center in the back of the building has the largest array of fabrics, swatches, and books we’ve ever seen. The possibilities are infinite!

If the thought of this much choice overwhelms you, take a deep breath and know that Courtney will guide you through the entire process. As the designer, Courtney works with clients to envision and cultivate inviting, functional, and beautiful spaces that reflect their personality and aspirations. We decided to put Courtney to the test!

We told Courtney that our dream office would be bright and airy, with an eclectic mix of both of our tastes that would all work together in perfect harmony. It would be fun, comfortable, and professional. Ok, Courtney, go!

She instructed us to pick out a fabric that spoke to us, and we both zeroed in on a whimsical stag fabric that had caught our eye when we first walked in. It didn’t take long before Courtney was back with a bundle of fabric swatches and we were falling in love with mohair “teddy bear” for our sofas, and the softest of wool curtains! The color scheme was drawn together with some fun, contemporary Zinc textiles with splashes of metallic paint. The last step was to head over to the rug design room and allow Courtney to hone in on the rug! No joke, Courtney flipped through about 40 rugs to get to the one she wanted for us. If rug flipping were a sport, she’d win!

We’ll hypothetically take it!

The easy role-playing customers that we are, we said, wrap it all up, we’ll pretend buy it all!

We’d also like this light fixture…

This chair…

And this one.

K, that should do it. Thanks for the inspiration ladies. Can’t wait until we design our office for reals!

Lakeville Interiors

7 Holley Street, Lakeville, CT 06039
 (860) 435-9397

Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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