Interview with Ann Nyberg

WTNH CT News 8 anchor, Ann Nyberg, came to New Milford for an afternoon photoshoot with Lora at her studio. Obviously, we jumped at the chance to ask Ann if she’d be interested in allowing Unlocking Connecticut to feature and interview her for our blog. Happily, she said yes!As you probably know, Ann is a huge supporter of the people and businesses of Connecticut and is just super generous in general. As you’ll see in the video, she was as much appreciative of what we have set out to do with our blog, as we were of Ann taking the time to talk with us! Ahh, we hope to someday be as poised and professional as she is…

Slices of Life

After giving us some excellent interviewing technique tips and answering our rapid-fire questions, Ann gave us each a pre-release copy of her new book, “Slices of Life – A Storyteller’s Diary.” It’s a diary-style book with nice short chapters; filled with great growing-up-in-the-50s-and-60s stories. Wonderful!

Ann’s book was released on October 20, 2015. Details here.

Enjoy our chat with Ann and some behind-the-scenes magic of a photoshoot with Lora and her team!

Visit Ann’s Network Connecticut site here and her boutique, Annie Mame’s site here!

Stylist – Bartley Johnstone of B. Johnstone & Co.
Makeup by Lynn Wegiel, LTW Custom Cosmetics
Hair by Rebecca Burton
Music by Bensound

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