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Teresa Dufour is the morning traffic reporter for WTNH News 8’s Good Morning Connecticut and co-hosts CT Style. We’ve been watching Teresa since 2006 when she was on WFSB Channel 3 as their morning traffic reporter and correspondent on Better Connecticut, a daily lifestyle show.

It’s becoming apparent that we have a “thing” for our local news station personalities. We’re kind of in awe of them. They get up every morning and go on camera, composed, and engaging. Not to mention they have to pick out a different outfit every day. We asked Teresa all about that kind of stuff. That, and questions about love, shopping, family, and Thanksgiving.

Teresa Dufour and her husband Brandon (entrepreneur/The Next Street) and son Dante (17 months) live in Middlebury. We crossed the LC border and headed over to Teresa’s house to hang out for the day. Teresa’s mom was Dante sitting. Thanks, Mom!



Who’s your favorite news/television personality?

On the network level, I’m a big fan of Kelly Ripa. I really enjoy her personality, you can never tell when she’s having a bad day. I just like watching her. Locally, I’m a big fan of Irene O’Connor on Channel 3. I have a whole new respect for her because she had twins and still continued to work, and I have no idea how she did it. She said there were mornings she’d go right to work, babies up all night and then she’d go straight to work. I feel like she’s superwoman!

What time do you get up every morning?

I get up at 3:15 AM every morning.


This November will be 10 years waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning.

What time is bedtime?!

Bed is now when our little guy goes to sleep. So by 9 PM on a good night.

Ever been star struck?

Yes! I got to interview the cast of the Sopranos with Scot Haney. I was star struck that day. I had a huge crush on Federico Castelluccio, the guy who plays Furio.


Sydney. Named when they thought she was an Australian sheepdog, later to find out she’s not. Doggie DNA kits – who knew?


How did you and Brandon meet?

Brandon was a guest on my show CT Style. He came on the show in March 2011. We were doing a segment on Safe Driving – Teens and Texting, and we needed an expert. Brandon has the largest driving school in CT so we asked him to come on. The first time we ever met is actually on YouTube.

How did he propose?

We got engaged the day before Thanksgiving…we were staying at the Winvian in the Beaver Lodge. When we walked in…it’s spectacular… I’m like “Why is there a fire on?” Everyone was in on it. Meanwhile, there’s a camera recording in the bookcase. Brandon asks me to dance and I’m like “Ok, but I have things to do”…and we’re dancing and then he drops down on one knee…

Every time I watch that movie I cry!

New baby. How’s that going?!

It’s an adjustment. It’s wonderful and it’s pure chaos at the same time. We have a good routine now. He sleeps 12 hours every night, which is great. I’ve learned that you can’t have a plan anymore.



 Does Channel 8 dress you every morning?

No! Contrary to what everyone thinks! It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work. I go to my closet and figure out what I’m going to wear tomorrow.

Fave online shopping site?

I’m a big fan of White House Black Market. I like them for basics.

Fave clothing store near you?

There’s a place I go to in West Hartford called Dressed to the Nines and they make all my suits for me. I’m able to design everything; patterns, threads, buttons, it’s incredible. Made to measure.

Outfit you always feel amazing in?

If I’m going out at night, my go-to is a black, one shoulder Bebe jumpsuit, that’s just kind of classic. I can wear it with flats, I can wear it with heels, it’s just so versatile.

Outfit you wear at home that you would never want anyone to see you in?

It’s a pair of UConn sweatpants I got my freshman year at UConn. The drawstring doesn’t work anymore…they fall down. They’re pretty appalling.



Any Thanksgiving traditions?

We have an odd tradition that Brandon and I go have Bloody Mary’s at D’Amelios in Waterbury every Thanksgiving morning.

Who cooks?

Our families get together here. My mom still makes the turkey. I’ll make some sides.

Fave part of Thanksgiving meal?

Besides the Bloody Mary’s at breakfast, of course, I’d say the cranberry sauce. My mom makes it – it’s so good. My mother-in-law will make a nice sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top.



Success is….

I wish I knew! Success is learning a balancing act. It is one day being a great mom, and the next day being great on tv. I think it’s tough to be exceptional at both for working moms. I’d say a little bit suffers, but then you make up for it on another day. You just try your best and eventually it’ll all work out!

We absolutely love that. Words to live by! Ok, now let’s go shopping!

And off we went to Middlebury Consignment for a bit of browsing, lunch, and a seasonal cocktail. We ❤️ Teresa!


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Words: Bev / Photos: Lora

Thank you to Lynn Wegiel, LTW Custom Cosmetics for Teresa’s hair and makeup

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