We have been on a shopping high all day! We’re a little afraid of how much joy shoe shopping bring. When we came across Lily (Old Greenwich) in Instagram-land, we really struck shoe-gold.  

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A great shoe store is sadly becoming a rarity. A shoe store with tons of European and different-from-the norm brands that won’t break the bank….well, we actually started sweating during the throes of our shoe shopping frenzy. Possibly a hot flash.

Here’s the lowdown on Lily, a few tips on the best shoe to go with different pant legs from the store owner, Audrey Aguilar, and our shoe haul.

The Lily lowdown

Lily opened two years ago, in September 2015 at 250 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich. The store offers stylish, on-trend but never trendy, footwear and accessories, including handbags, jewelry, scarves, gloves and more. Lily owner, Audrey Aguilar felt there was a hole in the footwear business in Greenwich and that the area needed a place where people could shop for footwear and accessories, and also be a source for fashion ideas and good conversation! Of this, we can attest to!

The Lily Philosophy

Lily prides themselves on their low-pressure customer service. They want their customers to leave the store knowing that they made the right purchase. In fact, they actually discourage some purchases if they feel the customer will not be happy in the long run. Customers should leave having had a great time and wanting to return over and over again.

The Lily look

The look of the store was inspired by Audrey’s years living in London with her family. Having spent a lot of time on Portobello Road, where one of her best friends lived, they would scour the booths and markets to furnish her home. Audrey is naturally drawn to things that have patina and history.

Lily is situated in a turn-of-the-century building, with all the foibles and benefits of an old building. The pressed-tin ceiling is original and sets the tone for the rest of the store. Audrey designed the store to feel like a comfortable living room. A little elegant, a little quirky. Just like us!

The brands

Lily taught us that not everything nice is expensive! A lot of the brands they sell come from Europe and aren’t available on the internet, so you won’t see everyone wearing the same thing when you shop there. We love that!

Meet the owner: Audrey Aguilar

When you’re not in Lily’s you’re….I’m at home trying to reign in the disasters that have been happening while I’m here! Trying to manage the other part of my life!

The best part about owning Lily’s? Getting to be a part of this community and meeting the best people that I would otherwise have never met.

What shoe do you wear to death? My Homers boots. From Spain. I wear them all the time. They’re comfortable, a little edgy, chic, and also feminine. And nobody else carries them, and you can’t get them on the internet either.

Least favorite shoe trend? Pointy toes. Hard to fit, hard to wear.

Where is your happy place? Antiquing on Portobello Road with my daughter, Lily. We are both magpies, and we love hunting for hidden treasure – beautiful objects with patina and history make us happy. As does a rainy day and a hot mug of tea. We probably should have been English. Oh well!

Most frequented restaurant around here? Le Fat Poodle

Tell us something people don’t know about you. I love to cook. The more complicated the recipe the better.

The shoe haul of all shoe hauls!

There’s a super low rate of returns because Audrey believes in “no buyer’s remorse” and because she and her team are complete shoe whisperers! Audrey was able to “read” us and our shoe requirement checkboxes after just a few “getting to know us” minutes. She got us so right in fact, that there was zero buyers remorse, only us messaging pics back and forth of our feet in their new shoes. Footsies? Footies? Whatever, it’s probably already a thing.

What boots pair with what?

A frequently asked question at the store. Here’s what you need to know…

  • Below ankle booties – wear with long skinny leg pants. Don’t wear socks, show a little skin!
  • Above ankle booties –  wear with cropped leg pants or jeans – flares, straight, or a big cuff. The top of the boot should hit just below the hem of the pants.
  • Combat boots – don’t tuck in your pants, keep it slouchy, roll your jeans.
  • Riding boots – skinny leggings or tight jeans.

Lily – Shoes & Accessories

250 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, CT 06870

203 990 0951

Words: Bev / Pics: Lora

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