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Road trip! We both love a great natural self-care store and were overdue giving our body, mind, and spirit some attention. So, we got in the car and headed to the super cute – felt like we were on vacation – Olde Mistick Village, to visit Becca Rose Natural Body Care. 

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Without getting too mystical (the store is in Mystic in case you didn’t catch on), we felt a general vibe of warmth and love as soon as we walked through the door. Maybe it was the cool diffusers wafting essential oils through the air. It could be the fact that every morning the staff cleanses the store with a round of singing bowl vibes. Or, it may be because the owner and visionary, Becky Mashuta, is the warmest and most joyful person you’ll ever meet! We want what she’s having! Basically, our visit to Becca Rose in Mystic was like a warm hug.

The Goods!

Becca Rose sells every comforting and nurturing item you might need for a lifestyle dedicated to health and wellness. All of their products are completely natural and include makeup, skin care, hair care, personal products, and handmade soaps. They also carry a range of the comfiest and coziest clothing you’ve ever felt! Gemstones, incense, crystals, and books to nurture the body, mind, and spirit, round out the inventory. Becca Rose supports America’s holistic approach to healing the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental bodies. Like I said, we felt good just being there!

Their range of handmade goat milk soap is delicious! Not that we ate it…

They work with a local soap maker to make their own Becca Rose blend and also carry the huge selection of their soaps on their website.

We discovered all kinds of amazing beautifying products while we were there, including; Eminence – organic skincare, Sprayology – easy to understand Homeopathy, and Green Envee Bath & Body – easy to understand essential oil combinations…do you want to be Zen? Refreshed? Relaxed? Energized? All of them, please!

Lora couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous crystals. Ask her how many she has some time!

Clothing with two main criteria. Comfy, and cute!

Depending on the day you were born, the moon was in a certain phase. These are our 3rd and 4th quarter moon Moon gems! They collect solar rays during the day and glow like the moon at night. Whaaaat? Too cool.

The Owner

Becky Mashuta opened Becca Rose in 2010 in a 600 square foot building in Olde Mistick Village. She came from a background in western medicine working as a medical assistant in primary care and saw the need for an educational experience of Eastern remedies for the many people interested in this approach. By 2014, they outgrew that space and doubled in size! They now serve over 13,000 customers every year through their brick and mortar and online store experience.

Becky Mashuta – The Spiritual Interpreter

In 2015, Becky was able to step away from the everyday ins-and-outs of Becca Rose to launch what has become a highly successful coaching practice as a spiritual interpreter. She supports individuals in recognizing their gifts and talents they wish to share with the world. Becky and her staff at Becca Rose see the brilliance, the gifts, and the skills in every person who walks through their door.

The Empress Apothecary

Empress Apothecary: a year-long strategic system of support – tell us more!

It’s a beautiful combination of the two businesses I’ve created. The Empress Apothecary is an extended year-long program of support for the extra busy woman. Every three weeks you receive a lesson that teaches you how to use the laws of the universe to create a life you love. You’ll also receive a meditation every 3 weeks. And every three months, we send you a box of products from Becca Rose to support your physical transformation. In addition, every 6 weeks I do a Tarot Card live reading on Facebook in a private members group. And a members-only conference call to answer the most frequently asked questions. It’s constant support. When you’re transforming the way you look at the world, it requires a constant application.

Where your focus goes, it will go grow. This whole process is to help shift your focus from what’s wrong, to what’s right.

OMG sign us up!

Unlocking Connecticut’s favorite things…

That has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?! Anyway, here’s some things we thought were especially cool.

Spoonk – The acupressure mat

Laying on the Spoonk mat will hit the 6,000 acupressure points along the spine opening them up. By opening these points, it increases your circulation and decreases inflammation in the body. Also, super invigorating if you stand on it first thing in the morning! I laid on it and it was rather nice!

Coobie Bras

For better breast health. Boobs were designed to bounce and be free. Ladies, get rid of those underwires to improve gland function. Coobie Bras keep the breasticles lifted without the wires.

Natural patches – essential oil filled patches with 24-hour release!
Got so into this Sonoma lavender blanket I even sold one to a customer who was looking for a great gift.
Lora loves gemstones and plush robes. The perfect place for her!

Lifting Life Lessons. Becky sent us on our way with these parting thoughts…and we feel ready to conquer the world!

You were chosen by the powers that be, to inhabit the space you currently live in. These powers had an unlimited number of options to choose from and an unlimited level of awareness for what would best serve the world on the day you were born. That power chose YOU. That power saw you, the fundamental truth of who you are, how you love, WHAT you love to do and said: “Yes, YOU are the only one who will fill this void.” Honor that this power flows through you and know that nurturing your vessel into health and wellness and loving your being into greater degrees of abundance is the highest expression of gratitude you can offer the energy that breathed you to life.

Becca Rose​ Natural Body Care

27 Coogan Boulevard, Suite 8C, Olde Mistick Village, Mystic, CT 06355


Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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