Dennis House + Kara Sundlun’s Hartford Hot Spots

Now that we’re spreading out and covering the best things to do/see/visit around the state, we’re hitting up some of our expert friends for recommendations. Who did we ask for suggestions on Hartford hot spots?? We asked Mr. and Mrs. Hartford, aka Dennis House & Kara Sundlun!

We go way back! Check out one of our early features with them, back when we were fledgling bloggers! Take it away, Dennis and Kara…

Photo by Tim Lenz

Hey, guys! We have 12 hours to spend in Hartford. Where should we go, what should we see??

We have some great suggestions for our city!

Photo by Lora Karam

Bushnell Park

This is one of our favorite places we’ve been coming to since we first met. In many ways, it’s like Hartford’s Central Park. The scenery is amazing; from the statues to the architecture of the skyline, to the majestic capitol. During the winter, check out Winterfest there with skating and holiday lights and sledding on the capitol. Year round, the historic carousel is a favorite.

Israel Putnam statue. Photo by Lora Karam

The Civil War Sailors and Soldiers Memorial Arch is a remarkable monument that has been standing since the 1880s. The climb up the winding staircase is very cool.

Photo: Lora Karam

Take a moment to sit by the Corning Fountain and take in the sights. There are also several of our favorite restaurants adjacent to the park. Nearby is the historic Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts.

Photo by Lora Karam

Tangiers Market

Speaking of restaurants, the city is a food mecca, and we don’t want to play favorites, but one of our favorites for takeout or a quick bite is Tangiers International Market in the city’s West End. Owned by the Latif Family, it is staffed by 5 of the brothers, who make the best Mediterranean food around. They’re friendly, good looking and extremely helpful.  Tell them Kara and Dennis sent you.

The Mark Twain House

This is in the city’s Asylum Hill neighborhood and was the home of one of the world’s most famous authors. You really get a sense of what Connecticut was like when Samuel Clemens walked the streets of Hartford, a city he called one of the most beautiful in the world. The Harriet Beecher Stowe house is next door.  

Photo by John Groo. Used with permission by Mark Twain House.
The library. Photo by John Groo. Used with permission from the Mark Twain House.

Connecticut Science Center

This is the family magnet at Adriaen’s Landing. It’s a modern, eye-catching landmark that is fun for people of all ages. You can start your day here, grab lunch on Front Street, burn it off with a walk along the banks of the Connecticut River, then stroll by the new UConn Hartford, the Butler McCook House (one of the oldest houses in the state), and then take a tour of the Wadsworth Atheneum. Across from that awesome art museum, pose for a picture with the castle-like Wadsworth and the Travelers Tower behind you. It’ll be frameable!  

Photo provided by The Connecticut Science Center
Photo provided by The Connecticut Science Center

Wadsworth Atheneum

Check out our previous post here

Wadsworth Atheneum, photo by Lora Karam

Dunkin’ Donuts Park

Photo provided by Hartford Yard Goats

The home of the Hartford Yard Goats is the new social gathering place in Metro Hartford for young professionals, couples, business executives, and families many wearing Yard Goats gear or Hartford Whalers attire because the two teams share the green and blue theme. The Goats are selling out games like crazy as people celebrate birthdays and company outings there. There are great views of the skyline from the park and other city landmarks like Keney Tower in the North End.    

We’re so ❤’ing on Hartford! Thanks, Dennis and Kara!

Words: Mostly Dennis and Kara, and some Bev/ Pics: Lora Karam unless noted!

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