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Kimberley Locke is the diva on DABL’s new show Doctor & the Diva. She’s also our friend, so we had her over to Lora’s house to eat good food, drink wine, and chat. We asked what it means to be a diva, about the journey to getting her own show, what a day on the set looks like, and more!

The Doctor & the Diva

You’ve been dreaming of having a TV show since we first met you 5 years ago. For all of us who have similar dreams, what was the process like to get to this point?!

The most important thing for me during this whole process was to keep visualizing and talking about what I wanted even when it seemed like nothing was happening. I kept this dream in my heart no matter what. And I just knew that someway, somehow, it was going to happen. I had no idea how, but that wasn’t for me to worry about. I remained excited and not once did I erase it from my wish list!

The process was a series of starts and stops, good news, bad news, and no news. You just have to roll with it and know that it’s all a part of the process. 

Tell us about your new show Doctor & the Diva!

Doctor & the Diva is about 2 people who are completely opposite. We have one thing in common, and that’s riding a motorcycle. That’s it. He’s a father, married for 25 years with 2 daughters. I’m a bi-racial girl, never been married, no kids.

Why did they put you two together? 

That’s the magic of television. I tell Chris, our creator, “You fell into clover.” The hardest thing about putting together a TV show is finding talent that’s compatible. We just work. Dr. Steve has a professional line to toe, and I’m a free-spirited entertainer. When you watch the show you’ll see. It works.

What kinds of things happen on the show? 

We talk about current topics, celeb news, health news, food, fashion, fitness…it’s a bit of every daytime show you’ve ever loved rolled into one!

Who comes up with the segment ideas? 

Our amazing team of producers who work on the show and me, I’m a producer. They’ve all come from great TV shows and have left great jobs to be on this show. They believe in the Doctor & the Diva. They’re constantly working on different segments of the show and if they like an idea that I send over, they make it happen. 

But are you really a diva??

You know, Patti LaBelle came up to me once and she clarified diva for me. Diva is not a bad word. You have to know who you are and go into a situation and ask for what you need and what you want, and if that makes you a diva, then be a diva! 

She took requests from the audience between segments!

What’s a day in the life of Kimberley Locke look like during filming?

I generally wake up at 6:00 and usually need to be in the makeup chair at 7:30. I’ll get a cup of coffee and a hard-boiled egg, or an 1/8th of a bagel with cream cheese. I sit in hair and makeup for about 2 hours. We listen to something meditative then we’ll listen to music and have a dance party in the makeup room and we laugh. I like to start the day on a good path.

I put on my Spanx and my dress. Then Victor comes in and he mics me and I make my way to the set by about 10 o’clock. We film until lunch. I take a nap for about 15 minutes, have a salad, then film for the rest of the afternoon. I have a whole ritual that’s working for me right now. 

Where can we catch The Doctor & the Diva on tv?

We’re on DABL, which is owned by CBS. DABL is a new lifestyle network on cable. They’ll be airing all of Martha Stewart’s and Emeril Lagasse’s talk shows. Dr. & Diva can also be seen on terrestrial TV on local networks such as WLNY. Check out the website and for streaming.

When you’re not filming, what can we find you doing?

When I’m not filming, you can find me vacationing with my best friend Nina, or totally hibernating in my house. I love cooking and having friends over for dinner. 

Count on us to always bring the wine! Congratulations Kimberley…you’re made for this!! ? ❤︎

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  1. Henry Noyes says:

    We only wish the best to her. The show looks interesting! Thanks for the preview.

  2. Renee Sherwood says:

    I’ve, learned, Ive laughed, I’m in Awww of all I have viewed, looking through past and present articles. As well as yoru entertaining skits in the car and with your guest. The photography is award winning. Thank You for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Renee!

  3. victoria A osborne says:

    The show is awesome – Enjoyed it
    Love the chemistry between Kimberley and Dr. Steve….

  4. Michelle Harris says:

    I really enjoy watching and learning from this show. I like how down to earth the host are. Good job! Best

  5. Good morning , l be watching your show and Ms. Kimberly your laugh is awesome and how you come out on the stage doing your dance) go head. Wish both of you success. Much love. Keep laughing

  6. Charlene Jackson says:

    I love the show! How can I get tickets to see a live taping?

  7. I saw your show for the first time today where you were talking about the harnesses for toddlers . My daughter and I flew to Germany with 2 or 300 military dependents about 1978. In the Dallas airport there was a lady while going thru security one of her little ones got away from her and it took about an hour for them to find her little one. Seems like she had twins but that was over 40 years ago. So when our daughter and I came back home to the States without my husband we also had a 13 month old son so I got a harness for him. My husband about had a fit and I told him I wasn’t going through what that woman went through at the Dallas Airport . I can’t begin to imagine what she went through and now we had a four year old and a toddler. It was the only time I used it but it was for my peace of mind and his safety.

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