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Nicole Fevrier Davis is a #PsychicTrainer and founded MindBody Mastery to help her clients reach their health goals through special customized programs.

MindBody Mastery combines psychic readings and personal training sessions, resulting in a unique approach to transforming behaviors and tackling issues that might be holding us back.

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Meet Nicole Fevrier Davis #PsychicTrainer

Nicole is a certified personal trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), psychic, and Reiki Master. She’s also certified in Behavior Modification (NASM), Metabolic Technician (Lifetime Athletic), and Mat Pilates (Kane Core Integration) among others. Wow! By combining physical science and spirituality, Nicole is able to help her clients on many levels.

Using neurofeedback and meditation she helps her clients attain their goals. In addition, she teaches online courses on psychic development, weight loss, and Truth Talking with the body.

Fun fact: Nicole used to train Soledad O’Brien in Pilates!

MindBody Mastery in a video nutshell…

Nicole opened MindBody Mastery when she realized the information she was getting from her clients’ psychic readings revealed that the fitness and weight loss industries were not addressing the real problem with weight loss, fitness, and flexibility.

After working in the fitness and weight loss industry for 30 years she saw that no program targeted the root causes of weight gain, pain, or poor circulation (among other issues).

Check out the various Mindbody Mastery programs available online or in-person at Nicole’s home studio (or she can come to you in the Ridgefield area).

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Getting the full picture

First comes the full assessment. Learn more about ours below…

The full assessment includes a PAR-Q (Physical Activity Ready Questionnaire) plus personality, schema, metabolic, and psychic assessments.

Combined results of these evaluations provide the structure for a highly customized program based on a number of goals. Weight loss, endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness to name a few.

What does a program look like?

Programs can include any or all of the following services or be added à la carte as needed:

  • Customized meditations
  • Reiki healing sessions
  • Personal training sessions
  • Psychic evaluations
  • Spiritual coaching
  • Truth talking
  • Superconscious conversation

Our sessions!


From the comfort of home, I scheduled my FaceTime call with Nicole, not really having much of an idea of how things would go down. Any anxiety I had quickly vanished; Nicole is very easy to talk to, and even better to listen to! She wants to help you get to the root of things and live your best life! Who doesn’t want that? 

Nicole then gave me a quick run-through of what comes next and we get to it!

First, she checked out my energetic jet stream, and read my individual chakras. She takes notes and sketches as we chat. She hits on some topics which we explore and helps to figure out what’s working for me, and what’s working against me. After some Truth Talking we were able to narrow in on some lower back issues. Nicole led me through a meditation and showed me some awesome back stretches before we ran out of time. I’m so glad I recorded the session to mull over after. Lots of food for thought for sure!


I was super excited to chat with Nicole on our FaceTime call. I’m Reiki level 1 certified and love anything that deals with healing and positive energy. Bring it!

Thankfully, I don’t have many health issues (besides her suggesting I try taking magnesium and iron at night), but she did say I have a hip imbalance (I was born with a dislocated hip and have scoliosis) and she had some psychic senses that rang true to me. That I am empathetic and get drained from others’ energy, that I have a strong belief in work ethic, and she even knew something I haven’t told anyone (not telling you either!).

Thanks Nicole for reminding me that I need self-care time and for the positive vibes. xx

MindBody Mastery LLC

Pics: provided by Nicole Fevrier Davis except as noted / Words: Bev

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