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We’re talking about one of our favorite topics today: coffee! We popped over to West Hartford to learn more about Victus Coffee, a brand created by José René Martínez to encompass his passion for excellent coffee; to highlight the farms & countries that make coffee possible; and to give back to the community!

Yes, this is one awesome cup of coffee. ? ☕️

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We visited, we sipped, we learned things…

Victus Coffee is blended and roasted at J. Rene Coffee Roasters where you can sip it freshly brewed, or buy it by the bag. It’s also available for purchase online at And, they offer FREE SHIPPING for purchases of 2+ bags.

Great coffee fuels great causes!

The victus coffee motto

Since its inception, Victus Coffee has grown to three delicious blends and supports a myriad of great causes such as Foodshare in Connecticut, the CT Cycling Advancement Program, and more. They pledge $2 from each bag of coffee sold to causes that promote wellness, advocacy, and empowerment.

It’s so much more than a cup of coffee.

Two members of the Victus team, José René Martínez & Anne Mercer

Victus Coffee – the story so far

Victus Coffee started in 2015 when René’s cycling race was canceled due to a rainstorm. He’d been training for the race and decided not to let the day go to waste. So, he set up his indoor bike and started to ride. To pass the time, he put on a documentary about the Rwandan national cycling team called “Rising from the Ashes.” He was so moved by the documentary and the cyclists’ stories about overcoming the horrifying genocide and putting their all into cycling that he was inspired to help any way he could.

After reaching out to Jock Boyer, the first American to race in the Tour de France and Executive Director of Team Rwanda Cycling (now known as Team Africa Rising), René created Victus Coffee as a way to give back through the intersection of specialty coffee and endurance sports. He even had the opportunity to visit the Africa Rising Cycling Center in Rwanda, meet the cyclists, and share a cup of Victus Coffee with them!

René explains to us how coffee roasting works…

And all we can report back is that René has 3 monitors with lots of graphs and numbers on them. Magic roasting things happen specifically for each carefully selected bean type.

René is a highly credentialed roaster with 15+ years of experience. He’s traveled the world for coffee sourcing, quality control, and competition trips.

Farmers & beans

Victus Coffee grew from René’s enthusiasm for labor, excellence, and hard work. This is why he travels the globe to select coffee beans from farms and farmers that he makes a personal connection with. Victus shines a light on the industry and brings stories and an appreciation of the hard work that goes into our morning brew.

Just a few of the countries René has visited to represent the best coffee bean farms

And the CT history behind the siphon pot!

Connecticut was at the forefront of the coffee business way before the west coast. The siphon pot was used in more American homes than any other brew method back in the day. In fact, the majority of siphon pots were made at the Silex Company of Hartford.

Get a coffee subscription and never run out (Genius!)

Check out their coffee subscriptions for an excellent way to make sure you never, ever run out of coffee (may that never happen ?). Choose your favorite blend, delivery schedule, and your quantity, and they’ll take care of the rest!

Know any runners?

Victus Coffee has partnered up with Fleet Feet in West Hartford to offer a Runner’s Subscription box. Subscribers receive a bag of Victus Coffee and a surprise running gift every month!

Pssst. Great gift idea!

Merchandise is on point

No surprise, René drinks his coffee black.

Anne Mercer has a latte skills

We remember she made our 1st siphon pot experience last year!

Anne is now a co-owner of Victus Coffee and brings 10 years of marketing and communications experience to the team. She’s dedicated the last 3 years of her career to learning everything coffee-related. From quality control and barista craftsmanship to roasting and educating customers, she’s on it!

One day we’ll be cool and drink our coffee black…but until then, give us all the latte art!

Anne also takes her coffee black.

Coffee experiences ?

Victus Coffee and J. René Coffee Roasters are available for pop-up tastings, private cupping classes, coffee for events, you name it! Reach out to for more information. ☕️

Giving back can be as easy as drinking a cup of coffee!

Victus Coffee – 320 Park Road, West Hartford, CT

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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