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Stephen Segretario opened Speakeasy Wine Cellar in Southbury because he felt the “honest” wines of the world needed more representation for everyday consumption. He’s dedicated to guiding us all to explore beyond what we know and discover exceptional new wines. We’re in!

We went for a visit last week, ready with some upcoming wine-purchasing scenarios we might all find helpful over the festive season.

Like, “What wine should we bring to a mid-week party? A wine to impress savvy dinner guests? Help us get out of our Pinot noir rut”…and so on!

This is the place to visit for your holiday wine stock-up (especially as they’re having an end of the year sale!).

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Tell Stephen all your wine scenarios

Because he is the wine whisperer! He’s happy to let you browse, but if you want recommendations and to learn a bit about the wine he’s suggesting…he’s your guy! And so is James who you’ll also meet there.

Speakeasy Wine Cellar offers wines from every day to very special occasions. From $10 to $700+!

Make sure you give them a follow on their IG – they post great wine suggestions you’ll want to try and bookmark!


Life is short…drink better wine!

Stephen segretario’s motto

We’re instant friends.

Stephen is an Italian wine enthusiast. He likes to promote smaller vineyards producing all-natural wine (better for those of us who get headaches!) and believes you don’t need to spend a lot for a good bottle of wine.

The wine scenarios…

Wine for a mid-week sip

…or an invite to a work party

Familia Torres Gran Coronas Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Wine to impress a dinner party filled with people who know their wine!

You want to think outside of the box – pick this super Tuscan

Campanaio 2021

Stand out from the Veuve crowd

In a sea of Veuve, bring…

Champagne Charles Mignon instead!

Stephen’s goal is to awaken as many people as possible from their wine brand slumber. 

We are so here to be educated and have our palates broadened!

Did we want to try all of Stephen’s recommendations?

Yes, we did.

Stephen’s favorite go-to wine…

It’s more about the grape, he told us. He loves a Nebbiolo, like this month’s wine-of-the-month club wine…

Renato Fennochio Nebbiolo 2021

Wait, what’s the wine-of-the-month club?

For only $200 a year, you get a carefully selected bottle every month and 10% off additional purchases for the duration of your membership. Sign up in-store!

Coming soon…

Stephen’s goal is for the Speakeasy Wine Cellar to one day become a wine cellar event space (how exciting!). In the meantime, check out their upcoming classes here. They do great events/educational nights at the store!

Speakeasy Wine Cellar – 22 Oak Tree Rd, Southbury, CT 06488

Pics: Lora Karam / Words: Bev Canepari

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