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Both of us are long-time Clinton Kelly fans having watched hundreds of episodes of “What Not To Wear” (we love Stacy too!). When we saw Clinton had launched a clothing line sold through QVC, we decided to set ourselves a challenge; style Clinton Kelly’s Ponte pants 3 different ways, each!

Not only did Clinton critique our looks (by our request), he answered a few questions for us. Confirming for us what we already suspected, he is a really great guy!

Check out our interview with Clinton Kelly, then keep scrolling to see the looks we put together. All photos are shot on location in Kent and in the Morrison Gallery.  Our lovely hairdos are courtesy of the wonder women of David Gavin Salon.

What are you most excited about with your new clothing line?

More than anything else I do professionally, I love empowering women to look and feel their best. So when QVC asked me to design clothes for them that were affordable, easy to wear and stylish, I jumped at the opportunity. Unlike most designers, I design my clothes around the average woman’s body. My fit model isn’t a stick figure. She has curves and carries a little weight in her tummy, like most women do. I want to make sure she feels confident and beautiful when she leaves the house.

Clinton Kelly
Photo provided by Clinton Kelly

How did you dress in high school (be honest!)? Were you always well dressed?

I spent my high school years in designer jeans (it was the mid-80s), button-front shirts and white sneakers. Have you ever seen Sixteen Candles? I was basically Anthony Michael Hall’s character. I think that counts as well-dressed. It was kind of stylish for the time.

What do you feel women should splurge on?

You should splurge on things that are timeless and classic. Things like a fabulous bag or a trench coat or shoe. My rule of thumb for telling whether something is classic is this: Could you imagine someone stylish wearing it 10 years ago? If so, chances are you’ll be able to wear it ten years from now.

What one fashion item should every woman own for the upcoming Connecticut winter?

If this winter is anything like last winter, you need boots! And a heavy coat. And a cashmere hat. Ugh. Wasn’t that the worst?

Who would you say is the best-dressed female/male in the entertainment industry right now?

I’m kind of obsessed with Blake Lively right now. She’s always on-trend and dressed up without looking like she’s trying too hard. That’s a delicate balance and she pulls it off perfectly.

What do you think of the way we styled your black Ponte pants, 3 ways each?

How much do I love your Kent photo shoot in my ponte pants! You’ve styled them perfectly in every conceivable way—work, weekend, evening. You’re giving me the chills because this is how your style should make you feel —happy to be alive!

….and here you have it, our very own styling of Clinton Kelly’s ponte pants!


If you want to know where anything else we’re wearing is from, just give us a holler in the comments below 🙂

Bev’s fave thing: These pants are going to get worn to death this winter! Non-sagging, non-bulge showing black pants – hurrah!

Lora’s fave thing: The flexibility in the pants; not just in fabric, but the way I can pair them with anything!

You can shop Clinton’s new line here! And make sure you follow him on his Instagram, Twitter, and website.

Our hair was styled by the fabulous David Gavin Salon in Kent, CT. Lora’s hair by Kasey; Bev was styled by Ashley. Check out our feature on the salon here!

Photos by Lora Karam and Beverley Canepari – photo of Clinton provided by Clinton Kelly.

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  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. Who makes/where can I get the blue sweater with the French Bulldog on it? It’s adorable!!

    1. Cute, right? It’s by Summer & Sage and it’s on!

  3. Great looks! Where did Bev get those awesome gold shoes with the green ensemble?

    1. Jude, they are from Kenneth Cole! Thanks!

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