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Thankfully swimwear season is almost behind us here in CT (we’ve already switched over to comfort eating), but it was very much “now” at the Fashion Palette New York’s Australian Swim/Resort wear runway show! Nine different Australian designers showed off their SS17 collections at Pier 59. 

We’ll give you the low-down on each collection and the designer and show you a couple of our favorite pics (more images from the collections up top!)


The buzz in the room before a show is so very corybantic – it involves loud “dancey” music which has Lora restraining me from getting out on the floor and busting some Jazzercise moves. People are posing and taking selfies like crazy. There’s a LOT of people-watching to do…and the space is packed with fashionistas who are willing to push the envelope with their outfits. We love!

Ok, on to the shows…

All blurbs about the designers courtesy of Fashion Palette’s website (links provided).

Sabo Luxe

Founded by best friends and sisters-in-law, Thessy and Yiota Kouzoukas, what began as a two woman, and a part-time fashion blog is now an online global sales empire with a cult following of over 1.6 million. From the humble beginnings of running their business out of an empty bathroom in Brisbane, Sabo Skirt has taken the fashion industry by storm, boasting a celebrity fan base that includes the likes of Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, Romee Strijd, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato.



BOSSA started as a tiny spark of an idea over customary hot chocolate dates between two best friends every Tuesday night in the icy Melbourne winter of 2014. From a teeny, tiny bedroom office to a killer HQ and an entourage of illustrious international stockists the label quickly found worldwide recognition and a cult following of celebrity ‘IT Girls’ including The Kardashians, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Chanel Iman, Karrueche and Selena Gomez.


Ark Swimwear

The swimwear industry is flooded with bikinis that aim to stand out through distinct and unique features, so much so that it has become more about the swimwear and less about the woman. The designers at Ark Swimwear are on a mission to pare it back and get the foundations right again. Ark Swimwear’s bikinis are designed to flatter the figure and provide support where needed, whilst staying mindful of potential tan lines, comfort, quality, and affordability.


We got a gift card for one of these itsy-bitsy bikinis in the lovely gift bag (filled with oh so many goodies!)…the bikinis are on their way to us from Australia as I type! We sized up, lol!

Frankie by Rebecca

Founded by bikini connoisseur and fashion fanatic Rebecca Klodinsky, Frankie Swimwear’s luxurious textiles and classic cuts have attracted a cult following throughout Australasia, Europe, and the US. By meticulously engineering the basic bikini, the label has single-handedly created a legion of loyal followers, with an undeniable need for high-quality, well-structured swimwear. For the love of luxurious, seamless and high-quality Lycra’s, the label will this year launch its new high-end line, Frankie By Rebecca.


Sara Bailes

Sara Bailes launched her eponymous label in 2015. After designing for two powerhouse brands, Karen Walker and Gorman, Sara has over a decade of knowledge in the fashion industry. Sara Baile’s ready to wear collection is designed in Australia and produced by a small, dedicated team in Indonesia. The range features locally sourced fabrics, in-house prints, and natural fibers.


We loved the bags by LZL

ete swimwear

Inspired by Perth’s endless summer, ambitious twenty-two-year-old Jessica Williamson launched Ete Swimwear in February 2016 with a vision to create designs that were as comfortable to wear, as they were beautiful. Ete Swimwear has gained initial hype and online success off the back of a gorgeous campaign shoot and a fast growing online community.


Lil & Emm

Meeting at the Canberra Institute of Technology while studying Fashion Design in the nation’s capital, Emma and Sheree have been inseparable ever since. Realizing quickly that their design aesthetics were very similar yet with extraordinary little differences that made them shine, they teamed up in no time on a journey together that would eventually lead to their dream label – LIL & EMM.



Alphabe The Label

Designers, Brenda Chang and Cathy Karuga, create beautiful pieces with an edgy yet effortless style. The label incorporates creative, unique and minimalist designs, which can be worn as both high-end street fashion, or trendy, yet elegant evening wear.




Natalie Rolt

The women who gave me guidance, knowledge and who taught me the old school methods of sewing are the women closest to my heart, my Mum and Nan. I am a huge believer in surrounding yourself with like-minded people and everyone around me inspires me daily which fuels my dreams and aspirations beyond words.




After the show, we met up with a couple of our fellow fashion show enthusiasts, Dead of Summer actress, Amber Coney, and Violett Beane from The Flash. Quickie interview here!

Pics Lora/Words Bev

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