Operation Hand Sanitizer – Litchfield Distillery

While some of us were hunkering down and watching endless Netflix back in March when quarantine began, our friends at Litchfield Distillery were extra hard at work. They quickly changed their business model to start producing thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer for the community. Here’s the story of Operation Hand Sanitizer.

Litchfield Distillery has donated over 75,000 six-ounce bottles since March, plus several hundred gallons in bulk to medical and first responder groups.

Check out our interview with founder Jack Baker. We came up with a new socially distant Q+A format, what do you think?!

Video shot and edited by Tony Vengrove

The Spirit of Hard Work

The Baker brothers (Jack, David, Peter) are the shining examples of the “spirit of hard work” – their mission statement. They believe in serving the community and did just that.

Generosity breeds generosity!

Litchfield Distillery has raised over $40,000 to date for FISH NWCT through donations made for small bottles of hand sanitizer which can be picked up outside the distillery.

And a few more factlets…

How many trucks does Litchfield Distillery have? 

We wrapped four of our distributor’s (Slocum & Sons) trucks with Litchfield Distillery branding. They break out the state into four regions, so there’s one LD truck in each CT region.

How many restaurants/stores offer Litchfield Distillery in CT? 

We’re in almost 1,000 retail and on-premise locations in CT.

How many states do you distribute to? 

We’re in 7 states currently.

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