REVV Fitness Club

REVV Fitness Club is where you’ll find us a lot this year. It’s time. We’re ready to kick up our fitness level a notch!

REVV Fitness Club – everything we want in a gym!

Let us list the ways…

  • Friendly and welcoming staff (who doesn’t get intimidated joining a new gym?). Stress not, everyone is so nice!
  • Multiple class choices a day. This will be good for us as we want to try it all; we love group classes! They have REVV cycle, barre, Pound, cardio dance, boxing, yoga, Pilates, and so many more.
  • A really nice modern changing room with a sauna that we can’t wait to have a moment to try! Towels and toiletries a plenty.
  • Located in Southbury – it’s close to both of us. Yay!
Geeking out with our new REVV app. Our first official sign in!
They have a good little café with a yum selection of protein drinks, shakes, and healthy snacks!
Ahhh, we must make time to do this soon! Needed.

REVV is in a great location in Southbury. On a single floor layout, they have lots of natural light coming in from the long front wall of windows.

Ready to burn, burn, burn those extra calories!
We made fun of the 1lb pinky weights until we took the REVV Barre class…now we understand!

REVV Fitness has an experienced team of personal trainers and offers one-on-one training, as well as small group sessions. Everything is geared to be fun, motivating, and effective. We’re three classes in at the time of writing this and yep, confirmed!

Pilates Reformer Training – yet another class we want to take. Nothing strengthens the core like Pilates! We’re ready to engage our deepest abdominal muscles. Right, Lora?!

Equipment = Matrix

The cardio and strength training equipment at REVV is brand new from a cutting edge company called Matrix. They have a great philosophy and support system, which is what appealed to owners Denise & Tony Kummerl. REVV also has MX4 training classes which we tried a couple of months ago and loved/died!

Also, can we just say…we can’t believe what you can do on a treadmill these days; YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, track your fitness…and that there’s well over one hundred choices of Solitaire!

We may give these machines a go after we have our complimentary introduction session with a personal trainer at REVV.

Meet Denise Kummerl, CEO REVV Fitness Club

Denise and her husband Tony (COO) had recently retired from corporate America and quickly realized that although it was great to be able to retire early, it wasn’t enough. The Universe led them to open REVV Fitness Club at the location of a past gym where they were previously members. Meant to be!

Together, they put together a business plan, worked with the property owner, Kevin Bennett, and were lucky enough to inherit a great team of people who had worked for the former gym.

Become part of the REVV family

They have different membership options to suit everyone. Equipment only, classes only, both, + off-peak!

Oh, and they have complimentary child watch Mon-Sat 8 AM to 12 PM, Sunday 9 AM to 12 PM.

See you in class!

REVV Fitness Club

730 Main Street South, Southbury, CT 06488

Pics: Lora / Words: Bev

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